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Cannon Canvas specializes in handmade, high-quality wall art. Each frame is drop proof and made with the highest quality woods and materials.

Framed Canvas

Our handmade frames are made out of pine and oak. The process takes about a day to complete. With the time he puts into these pieces, the end product is beautiful. It is guaranteed that if it falls off of your wall, it will not budge. The frames are secured in several ways and are very durable and heavy duty. They are also stained in color of your choice.

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Wrapped Canvas

Our wrapped canvases are hand stretched around 1 1/2 inch poplar wood. The image is produced on a high quality satin paper, which gives a shiny finish to the piece. These wrapped canvases will not bubble over time. They are wrapped just tight enough where they maintain the same stretch from the time it is made.

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Hanging Canvas

Our hanging canvases are hung between two pieces of pine wood and stained in your color of choice. They are a great fit for any space.

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Cannon Canvas Prints is a small business located in south MS owned by an oilfield family. Together they have two little boys and their best girl, Zena, their German Shepherd. Their equipment produces the sharpest and clearest prints and will not fade over time. Each photo that comes through is handled carefully. Cameron and Victoria both take pride in their work and hand make each custom piece. With the love and support from their small town, their business has become a hit.